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Banjos and Mandolins
Arthur's has long been known as the place in Indianapolis to find banjos, mandolins and resophonics.

Along with traditional 5-string and clawhammer styles, we also stock tenors, irish tenors and banjitars (that's a banjo with 6 strings tuned like a guitar!). Lefty banjos are available as a special order and we even have an electric banjo on occasion. New and used banjos range in price from $145.00 to several thousand dollars.

Our mandolins start around $85.00 and include "A" style, "F" style, oval hole, electric, and solid body models.
Arthur's stock of resophonic guitars (more commonly known as dobros) include round neck and square neck models in laminate, solid wood and metal bodies with biscuit, spider or tricone resonators.
New, used and rare vintage - Always in stock.

Gold Tone

Michael Kelly   
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Oscar Schmidt

Recording King

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