After 60 years in business, we have three generations of customers bringing in instruments to sell or trade.  The really rare vintage stuff comes and goes very quickly.  Let us know if you're looking for a particular item and we'll keep your name on file and give you a call if one shows up.

This partial in-stock list last updated: 4/19/22.
Please contact us to verify availability.


2011 Fender USA Telecaster w/HSC

2997 Fender USA Stratocaster w/HSC

1915 Gibson A4 Mandolin w/HSC

1994 Fender Squier Series Precision Bass (MIM)

1970's Epiphone EA-260 Bass w/HSC

1970's Fender Champ Amp

1930's National Duolian AS-IS

1930's National Triolian AS-IS

1930's Supertone Archtop Acoustic

1980's Squier Telecaster (MIJ)

2006 Taylor T5-S1 w/HSC

1985 Martin D-21LE "Guitar of the Month" w/HSC

1987 Gibson L-4 CES w/HSC

2018 Fender American Original 50's Stratocaster w/HSC

1965 Gibson Southern Jumbo w/HSC

2005 Gretsch G6122-1962 Country Classic w/HSC

1989 Taylor 855 12-String w/OHSC

1980 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp

1968 Fender Bassman-Amp Head

1979 Ibanez Musician w/ HSC

1966 Ampeg Portaflex B-15-N Bass Amp

1962 Ampeg M-15 Big M Amp

2002 National Estralita Deluxe Round Neck Resophonic w/HSC

1986 Marshall Mini Lead 12 Amp Stack

1970's Kustom II 2x12 Combo Amp

Grevin White Lady FW w/HSC

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor w/HSC

Gibson Les Paul Studio w/bag

Epiphone Sheraton (MIJ) w/HSC

Ibanez Artcore AES77T

Supro Belmont w/HSC

Martin LX Realtree w/bag

Yamaha FG700S

Fender CD100/12 12-String

Triggs New Yorker w/HSC

Taylor 812e w/HSC

Deering Goodtime Special Banjo w/HSC

Martin DX1AE

G&L ASAT Classic

Gretsch Electromatic Jet

Schecter Gryphon-4 Bass

Fender Alkaline Trio Malibu

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III Amp

Marshall Origin 20 Amp

Yamaha FG750S

Yamaha A1M w/bag

Alvarez AD-60SC

Yamaha FG312II 12-String

Michael Kelly 1953

Epiphone SG Classic

Peavey SC-3

Recording King Lap Steel

Druid Moon Lisa Soprano Ukulele w/bag

Druid Moon Chloe Concert Ukulele w/bag

Martin Soprano Ukulele

Buffet Crampon R13 Eb Clarinet

Amati 14+ 4/4 Violin Outfit

Washburn D-20

Polytone Teeny Brute Amp

Peavey Unity Bass

Vega Style M Tubaphone 5-String Conversion Banjo w/OHSC

Fender Studio Bass Amp

Roland FFP DB-700 Bass Amp

Fender FR 1000 Reverb Unit

Fender Frontman 212R Amp

Hartke HA5500 Bass Head & VX410 Cabinet

Ibanez Sound Wave 65 Bass Amp

Fender Rumble 15 Bass Amp

Vox MV50 Clean Head w/ Cabinet

Vega Vegaphone Banjo w/HSC

Paige's 1/2-Size Upright Bass

Ovation Balladeer 1112-2 LEFTY w/OHSC

Maestro MP-1 Phaser

1990's Dunlop Fuzz Face

Assorted Goodrich Volume Pedals

Oahu Lap Steel

Harmony Lap Steel

Gibson V-15 4/4 Violin Outfit

Hopf 4/4 Violin Outfit

Pfretzschner 4/4 Violin Outfit

Eastman 15" Viola Outfit

Scandalli 120 Bass Accordion (3 in stock)

Enrico Roselli 120 Bass Accordion

Noble 120 Bass Accordion

Noble 12 Bass Accordion

Hohner Nova II 48 Chromatic Accordion

Selmer Signet 100 Clarinet (3 in stock)

Yamaha YCL34 Clarinet

Yamaha YCL400AD Clarinet

Normandy Clarinet

Yamaha YAS23 Alto Saxophone

Vito Alto Saxophone

Accent Tenor Saxophone

Gemeinhardt Flute (2 in stock)

Buescher Flute

Emerson Flute

King Trombone

Olds Ambassador Euphonium

Misc. Other Effects Pedals and Rack Units

Misc. Budget-Priced Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Misc. Guitar and Bass Practice Amps
Misc. Ethnic percussion, asst. drums and accessories

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