After 60 years in business, we have three generations of customers bringing in instruments to sell or trade.  The really rare vintage stuff comes and goes very quickly.  Let us know if you're looking for a particular item and we'll keep your name on file and give you a call if one shows up.
This partial in-stock list last updated: 10/22/20.
Please contact us to verify availability.



2005 Rickenbacker 4003 w/HSC

1996 Fender MIJ Stratocaster w/HSC

Epiphone EJ200SCE

Sigma by Martin CS3 Classical

McSpadden Dulcimer (2 in stock)

1960 Fender Telecaster w/HSC

1968 Gibson ES-150DW w/HSC

2001 Gibson Les Paul Classic w/HSC

2003 Gretsch G121 Round Up w/HSC

1987 Gibson L-4 CES w/HSC

2013 Gibson Elliot Easton "Tikibird" Firebird w/HSC

2008 Martin HD-35 w/OHSC

1985 Martin D-35 w/HSC

1992 Larrivee L-35 Classical w/HSC

2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional w/HSC

1993 Fender Standard Strat w/ Kinman p/ups

2014 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker w/bag

2016 Ibanez Talman Prestige w/HSC

1968 Kalamazoo KG-2 w/OSC

2000 Tacoma DR20 w/HSC

2012 Fender Excelsior Amp

2004/5 Lakland Decade Hybrid Bass w/bag (Price Reduced!)

1958 Orpheum Bass w/OHSC

1962 Ampeg M-15 Big M

2007 Epiphone '65 John Lennon Casino w/HSC (Price reduced!)

2004 Fender 70's Telecaster Deluxe

2004 Peavey G-Bass w/HSC

1955 Carvin 8-String Lap Steel

1965 Silvertone 1485 Head + 6x10 Cab (Price reduced!)

1940's National Double 8 Lap Steel w/HSC

Taylor 214ce Koa w/bag

Hofner Verythin w/HSC

Warwick Corvette $$ (Double Buck) Bass w/HSC

Ampeg Portaflex B-18N

Gibson Titan Head + Titan I Cab (Price reduced!)

Benedetto Bravo Dlx. w/HSC

PRS Swamp Ash Special w/HSC

PRS Standard 22 w/HSC

Reverend Warhawk 390 w/HSC

Gibson Nighthawk SP-3 w/HSC

Ibanez Artcore AGR73T w/bag

Alvarez Yairi WY-1-12 12-String w/HSC

Fender Pawnshop '72 w/bag

Gretsch Electromatic Double Jet w/bag

Peavey Dyna-Bass

Line 6 Variax 700 w/bag

Epiphone MM50E Mandolin w/HSC

Epiphone MB-200 Banjo

Vox AD50VT Combo Amp

Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT Combo Amp

Fender Cyber-Twin SE Combo Amp

Remington Double Neck (2x8) Console Steel

Danelectro DM25 Amp (Price reduced!)

Washburn J6-S w/OHSC

Chiquita Travel Guitar w/HSC

Carvin DC127 w/HSC

Gold Tone Mandola w/HSC

Gold Tone M-Bass 25 w/bag

Guild Model One Amp

Evans JE200 Amp w/Cover

Takamine EG340CLH LEFTY w/bag

Fender Roc-Pro 1000 Hybrid Guitar Head

Assorted Goodrich Volume Pedals

National Lap Steel (2 in stock)

Oahu Lap Steel (2 in stock)

Harmony Lap Steel w/bag

Wilhelm Eberle 3/4 Upright Bass w/bag

Peavey PR Sub

JBL EON10 Powered Speaker w/bag & stand

Hopf 4/4 Violin Outfit

Heinrich Goetz 3/4 Violin w/Case (German made)

Hans Garrett 3/4 Violin Outfit

Samuel Eastman 4/4 Cello Outfit

Scandalli 120 Bass Accordion (2 in stock)

Latosca 120 Bass Accordion

Castiglioni 120 Bass Accordion

Frontalini 120 Bass Accordion

Noble 12 Bass Accordion

Weltmeister C/F Button Accordion

Selmer Signet 100 Clarinet (3 in stock)

Yamaha YCL34 Clarinet

Buffet Clarinet

Selmer Signet Special Clarinet

Cannonball Alcazar Alto Saxophone

Selmer Alto Saxophone

Armstrong Flute

Gemeinhardt Flute

Yamaha 225SII Flute

Buescher Flute

Emerson Flute

King Cleveland Trumpet

F.E. Olds Trumpet (Silver)

1960's Conn Director Cornet

Misc. Other Effects Pedals and Rack Units

Misc. Budget-Priced Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Misc. Guitar and Bass Practice Amps
Misc. Ethnic percussion, asst. drums and accessories

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